Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Im working on mask at the moment as it’s my way of removing my own masks and layer

Im working on mask at the moment as it’s my way of removing
my own masks and layer, as I’m trying to live as honest and open as I can physical
I’m finding that be open hearted really hurt, I’m taking on stuff that is
from the people around me. Feeling and pain I have never felt before.
Like my heart braking over a dear friend depression that I know that I cannot do
anything for her, but be there for when she need me.
And then there time when I feel a overwhelming feeling of love for someone yet knowing that it’s never going to be.
And then there the anger that I feel has been bottle for way to
long, over been left alone when I need help or the company of a good friend or
not being good enough for someone to open up and say they loved me.
I’m feeling that I’m going in to darkness well that better than feeling nothing at all.
I’m hoping to see the light soon as I can hear the train coming down the track and I’m
not looking forward to all the feeling on bored.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

my plan for thr next year

let see im triing to think up ideas for me folio for this uni i have same ideas, Im just putting out to see the reponse

for my 3d/sculpture work im thinking about doing hard as soft it means making same that is hard like stone or metal to have a soft flowing form for a reffence the carve of a women body the way the flows smove with no sharp angles.

for photographic im thinking about contuining ...working with the theme moments in time by getting friends the get in to historial clothing and settings yes i am looking for people to pose for me.

for painting and drawing im pulling a blank at the moment for a theme for the year, yet i have get painting the i have been asked to or surjested to do by friend and family

other then at im make leather masks for a client and will be getting my studio up and going. so the forge will be back and going for the re-enacting artwork as it been in storage for two years. It look like this year is going to be a great in my artest life

Sunday, January 1, 2012

my facebook page its up and running

my facebook page is up and running your welcome to come and follow my art adventer over the next years!/pages/Cams-art-out-of-the-fire/204702756267479